About Me

I’m a Certified Transformational Coach, and have been working and living in the self development world for over thirty years, in four countries on three continents. My own personal and professional journey has taken me through many dimensions of social, psychological, and spiritual exploration.


I’ve been a feminist for as long as I can remember, and over the years I’ve worked in several arenas as a leader and participant in women’s development work. I’ve traveled the world and been to India more times than the lives of a cat, in fact probably two cats. As a spiritual practitioner, I started meditating nearly thirty years ago and have used it in my work ever since, leading meditation workshops with a focus on finding the space within.

  My professional experience also includes:

  • Director of UK Educational Charity
  • Senior Management Team Member for US Based Nonprofit
  • Development Consultant for UK Health Charity
  • Learning and Development Facilitator (workshops, conferences, retreats)
  • Public Speaker
  • Member of UK Educational Foundation Grant Giving Panel

  Diving deep! Aruba 2016

My life and career experience merge into an eclectic mix that is the foundation of who I am and what I bring as a coach. I share all of this experience along with my own sometimes painful, other times joyful, but always enlightening work on myself in areas such as: relationship to food, getting fit, creating a business, building confidence, and falling in love. I know these parts of life intimately and the work continues.





  By the Ganges, India 2018

And as for the rest of my life, I still enjoy traveling and exploring new .parts of the world. I also love working up a sweat – walking, working out at the gym, and I’m an avid swimmer when it’s warm enough! Finally, I relax spending many a happy hour with my partner reading and enjoying concerts and films.

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