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I imagine you’re here because you’re looking for support, some answers, or a fresh perspective. Something’s getting in the way of you being your best and living your life fully.


In this fast-paced, demanding world, we’re pushed and pulled in so many directions that it can be challenging to find direction – the right direction for you.

It may not be clear exactly what’s in the way of reaching your goals. You can find yourself drifting or putting off taking a step because you’re not sure, you’re afraid, or you don’t have support from your friends and family to explore and find new ways forward.


So you wait – for the right time, the right place, maybe the right partner or job. But that right time never comes – unless you decide to make it the right time. And even when you do decide, it can be hard to make changes alone. Sometimes we just need a nudge or someone to hold the space for us to believe in ourselves.


That’s where an experienced coach can come in – to give you a head start and help make your journey easier. A coach can support you to find your answers, discover your direction, possibly reveal new questions, and unearth resources you may not even know you have.


I’ve worked with many people seeking the next step in their lives and I bring years of experience in several different modalities of self-development. Supporting people to be everything they can be and reach their goals is my passion.


If you’d like to explore the best way forward for your next step, please contact me and I’ll be delighted to offer you a free introductory consultation.

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I work with women of all ages who want something different in their lives ...

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I’m a Certified Transformational Coach, and have been working and living in the self development ...

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