What Clients Say

“Life coaching with Alison proved a phenomenal and life – changing experience in which I was able to understand myself better, and also what was preventing me from living my best life. Alison provided a space that was friendly and person – centred, as well as thought provoking, in order to effect change in my desired areas. As a result, the areas in which we worked – primarily self – esteem and confidence – have vastly increased. I would highly recommend her as a life coach.”


- Rachel F., Counselor

 “I chose to have few coaching sessions with Alison as I found myself at a crossroads. I wasn’t sure what it is that I wanted to achieve in life, which direction to go. I enjoyed working with Alison. Through her asking me probing questions, she assisted me in going deeper in my own investigation and reconnecting with a deeper part of myself. Ultimately energized me and gave me confidence - I felt I had the tools I needed to continue. For many years before the coaching sessions, I was aware in myself of not daring or not having the courage and energy to face myself. ‘Doing it’ with Alison was an invaluable support... I didn’t know how things would turn out but I opened myself and Alison was a great listener. By the end, I felt liberated from a division I created internally and I felt empowered to embrace life with a renewed confidence. I would recommend Alison as a coach.”


- Myriam A., Financial Consultant

“I felt adrift in my career and personal life as I was coming to terms with life after a serious illness, divorce, and caring responsibilities for my elderly parents. With sensitive coaching from Alison, I was able to explore my priorities and consider how to take on new challenges with enthusiasm and energy at a time when I felt a bit at sea. Alison took time to understand what I hoped to achieve through the coaching process. She worked with me so that I was able to untangle my own thoughts in order to re-discover my passions. She helped me to understand those areas in which I had lost faith in my skills and experience and gave me the confidence to articulate some of my hopes, dreams and fears. The coaching sessions with Alison have given me a life “Spring Clean” and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to others.”


- Penny R., Marketing Director

“My coaching sessions gave me valuable thinking time, uncovering confidence, resiliencen and hope for the future at a stressful turning point. The coaching process was creative, strength-based and responding to my preferences. I felt inspired to follow through with positive change for myself. It has been great working with Alison to uncover a new perspective on my situation; to find the time and courage to explore the essence of what is important to me.”


- Carolin S., Occupational Therapist

“I'd been wrestling with a really big decision in my life for about 6 months when I came to Alison for some coaching. During the two sessions that I had, she gave me loads of space to sort through a confusing and contradictory series of thoughts and emotions about my situation.  Through deep listening, Alison was able to help me cut through the fears and the doubts that were clouding my vision and get really clear about what it was that I truly wanted. We had a second session, which was all about taking the first steps to implement that decision and start to put concrete plans in place. It was great to have someone to hold me accountable. I’m delighted to say that since those sessions, my life has moved forward exponentially and I feel more happy and fulfilled than I have in a very long time!


-A.F., Communications Consultant and Coach

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