Suffragettes and Now

Suffragettes and Now

2018, 100 years celebrating what the Suffragettes did for us. How aware are we of what they did for us and what women over the decades since have been doing.

Visiting the Suffragette exhibition in the Museum of London this year I was so struck by their resourcefulness and conviction. Did you know that over 1000 went to prison for the right to vote and many were estranged from their families because of their beliefs.

We often feel intimidated by such bravery and dedication and doubt whether we would/could do the same. Then I saw that many of the women found ways to express themselves through their crafts, they created beautiful banners, depicting the area of the country they came from, the type of work they did and they made something stunning out of it to show the world who they were. I visited a friend yesterday and she showed me a china tea set made at the time in the Suffragette colours. They used the skills they had, what they had to offer to highlight their cause.

They were finding their voice.  Can we find our voice, how can we express our desire to be heard. What is your voice?


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